Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy of KEEKAW i.e., our Company “Frolicbit Technologies Private Limited” and its website (hereinafter called as “Company”, or “Keekaw”, or “our “or “we”) its application and services, which is presented, introduced and applied to visitors, clients and any third parties who gets connected to us, via website or application.

Keekaw respects the peace and Privacy of its visitors, users, content creators, members, third parties’ posters, etc. (collectively or individually called as “you” or “users”) Company wants you to know, aware and get understanding with the “Data”, its collection, disposal, usage, etc.

We encourage our users and visitors to read the Privacy Policy document. Hence by using or visiting our services or site you unconditionally agree, accept, understand and acknowledge the data, collection, Company practices, mentioned in this Privacy Policy Document.



1.   Company- Company here means the “Frolicbit Technologies Private Limited” which is involved into the business of providing an online platform for gamers, and content creators, such platform enables users to connect and interact with each other.

2.   Data/ Information- means the personally identifiable information or such information provided by you, collected by us may be directly, automatically, manually or mechanically via our website or services.

3.   Privacy Policy means the document explaining how the Company handles, uses, discloses, manages and retains any client or customer Information or data.


What Extent of Information is Gathered?

As the platform provides various kinds of services and products, information such as visit activity, posts, message content (unless encrypted), features you use, purchases, transactions, accounts and users connected with your account, contacts, devices or software, location, IP address, Ad Choices and other information of similar nature is collected.

We also collect information based on your activities like voting, reporting, sharing, recreating, editing, friending, blocking, along with data you provide in any form, subscriptions, promotions, sponsorship,  information collected by cookies or similar technologies, linked, third-party services, demographic data, etc.

While you use our services or involve in activities like purchases, download, upload, review, you may tend to provide data like audio, video, images, sample documents, card details and billing information, etc. live streaming can be done via our site, so such media, analytics, notices, sharing platforms, broadcasts, advertisements, any explicit content can be stored.


Operations of Gathered Information

Company will use or share the information legally as and when required and on legal grounds, to the extent permissible by law, includes to comply with legal obligations, record your consent, support and improve the Company’s legitimate business activities and protect them. Operations incudes but not limits to -

1.   Improve User Experience

                     i.        To provide personalized experience

                   ii.        To improve ad preferences

                  iii.        To provide better and relevant recommendations

                  iv.        To come up with better and relevant stories/ posts

                    v.        To introduce with interesting features and products.

                  vi.        To make aware of trends around you

                 vii.        To troubleshoot app issues

               viii.        To ensure your and others safety

                  ix.        To inform events, streaming and what’s-new.

                    x.        To detect suspicious activity and make you safe.


2.   promote safety and make communications

                     i.        To verify, investigate and report suspicious activity

                   ii.        To detect and prevent frauds or unlawful activities

                  iii.        To detect and stop threats to any personnel or property

                  iv.        To send and inform promotional activities

                    v.        To increase you participation in our services and products.

                  vi.        To make you reach us anytime  


3.   Facilitating analytics and assessment

Many people like content creators, live streamers, game leaders, organizers, fundraisers can use our service platform as source to their income or freelance, we help them assess and plan their activities by providing assessments like gamers, registered and non- registered accounts, no-of-visitors and players, levels of such players, subscriptions and gaming skills, linked services, enrolled facilities, interactions, discussions which are done via our platform.


4.   Analysis and experimentation for community.

                      i.        To help people and gamers explore the areas of their interests

                    ii.        To make ease by boosting technologies and innovations

                   iii.        To collaborate with industry experts and improve service utility


5.   To notify you with technical alerts, security alerts, updates, invoices, administrative messages, offers and promotions as per your choices and control, manage the trends, activities, innovations, news in connection with our services. You can opt to stop such notifications via, website or app.


6.   To comply with laws and regulations

If we believe that gathering and processing of such information is necessary to comply with relevant state laws, other applicable laws of world or to reply to any court order, decree, judgement, government request or warrant in the manner legally required.

Some of the obligation may include taking appropriate actions against unlawful behaviours, responding to inquiries and complaints, investigating and defending ourselves against third party claims, protecting the Company’s rights, property and safety.


Sharing of such Information

1.   Apart from above, Company may share your personally identifiable information, to provide web- hosting, maintenance, security services. Such information may be shared with our affiliates or subsidiaries that are subject to Privacy Notice, Company authorizes them to use and ensure confidentiality and safety measures.

2.   Looking at the nature of service, platform engages activities like publicly posting, live streaming, sharing, communicating, blogging, etc. this can lead to visibility of connected people or public. Such sharing or visibility can be controlled by you via app or website setting. You can turn off or can control the list of people who can have access to your profile or posts, comments, sharing, etc.

3.   While surfing on site or app, you may come across to some public post or public content, which is accessible to public or you may (unless disabled) post your data as public content.

4.   You may share your content with our integrated partners like advertisers, publishers, app developers, etc. we may mechanically log, when you accept integrated partners to access to your information. These requests can be managed from settings.

Note- such integrated partners use their own terms and policies not ours, make sure you read their privacy documents before permitting them.

5.   People/ Gamers who use our platform as their source of income, rely on our business tools and analytics to understand more about how people are using their content and features. When you choose to make a transaction or share information with any creator, fundraiser, etc, we share information with them and with any providers acting on behalf.

6.   Such third parties help us to provide our services to you. We share the information we have like- suspicious activity, facilitating payments, functionality of products, research and surveys, marketings, etc.

7.   Privacy policies of such third-parties are not governed by Company; hence you authorize us to share, grant access to information on your behalf. 


International Data Transfer

Company is based in India, along with its operations extended to cross-borders, hence we need to store and place information on such cross-border servers, depending on variety of factors, including location of users and service providers. By using our services, you accept and consent to the process, transfer and move out such information to international servers where you may not have same rights as local law.


How you can manage the Information

You can manage and control such data and setting via settings of app/ website or can mail us at In case you wish to opt- out or discontinue to use our services, you can delete the account registered with us. It may take some days to delete your account and data. To be noted that, deleting account does not amounts to deletion of whole account and data. Company may retain some data for its business purposes or complying with legal obligations. We can’t define that how long we are going to keep your data with us.


Our Response to legal requests

Company can access, preserve, share or transmit you information as requested in the form of legal requests, search warrants, court orders, investigation, enquiries, coming from any third parties, civil litigants, law enforcements or other government authorities or according to law.


Protection of Your Information

Company takes enough safety measures to safeguard data from loss, theft, unauthorized misuse, unauthorized access, alteration, destruction, forgery, etc. Company applies reasonable technical and administrative access controls to limit access of such information. You can help us by enabling two-factor identity and access management security method.


Your Rights and Choices

You have choice to protect and limit the gathering, optimization or sharing of such information about you. Such right depends on which country you live and what laws you get. Such rights (if provided by law) can be exercised by-

                     i.        Change or alter some information shared already

                   ii.        Delete the account with us

                  iii.        Review and remove the access granted to third party sites or linked services

                  iv.        Change preferences of ad choices and targeted ads

                    v.        Control the cookies and permissions

                  vi.        Track and control the analytics and ads

                 vii.        Deny or opt-out from promotional or other alerts

               viii.        Refuse or disable notifications and alerts

                  ix.        Deny location information.


Additions for EEA Users

EEA users can request access to, rectify, erase their data, withdraw such data. These rights can be exercised by opting for any of your rights & choices. EEA users have right to compliant with local authorities. We gather information only on legal basis, our basis depends on your usage and extent of services availed. We gather and transmit information on legal basis like-

     i.        As per your consent

   ii.        To provide you smooth running services, safe experience, personalized features

  iii.        To prevent fraud, ensure security, comply with legalities,

  iv.        Protecting legal rights and interests,

    v.        Research and development, marketing and promotions.

  vi.        To support laws and supplement our business practices.



Additions for California Users

As per the CCPA and its requirements, we inform the followings are used by us depending on your services. Read whole Privacy Policy document, for more details.

     i.        Personally Identifiable Information

   ii.        Commercial Information

  iii.        Internet and Network Information

  iv.        Geographical Information

    v.        Your messages and public posts

  vi.        Audio-visual Information

 vii.        Demographic Information

 As per your rights given by CCPA, you can request access to, rectify, erase your data, withdraw such data. Company does not sell or share your personally identifiable data, as those terms are defined in CCPA. Company will entertain such requests only if presented by valid person or authority.


Do not Track

DNT is one of the preference users can choose to inform us that you don’t want us to collect certain information or any specific use or third-party purposes, hence we provide choosing and opting out options. Company does not recognize or respond to browser initiated DNT signals.


Children’s Privacy

Children’s who are under 13 years of age are warranted to not enter this website, at any time in any manner. For privacy concerns Company does not gather information intentionally from children, if learnt from any collected data, appropriate steps are taken to ensure safety of such data and deletion.

Parent of such children can report or seek to delete the account from Company’s customer support. For residents of such countries where processing is based on consent, we will prohibit and halt (if engaged) such data processing from our records.

For more details, please refer to Parental Guideline.


Policy Alteration

Company reserves the right to change, alter, replace, amend or improve the Policies at any point of time. Such alterations made (if any) will be reflected on website and notifies to you on app as well. Your uninterrupted use of our website and services will be deemed as your acceptance to new Policies.


Contact Us

In case of any doubt, queries, or learning more about this document or any questions, complaints, suggestions or requests, you can connect to us via our mail: